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Our Products


 High Pressure Commercial Water Gurney

  • Driveways- Concrete - paved - stamped to bring the colour back to life - tiled
  • House Exteriors - timber - block - brick - sheeted
  • Fences - timber - block - brick - masonry
  • Sails - external sails with mold or mildew - canvas
  • Patio ceilings - external ceilings

2500 psi pressure with 4 adjustable nossles, able to add detergent, bleach

Also good for tiled roofs and gutters.


Rover Easy Start Lawn Mower with Catcher

  • Light weight, easy start, quiet reliable mower
  • Able to do small area's up to 1200sq metres quickly
  • Can handle manicured lawns with cutting collection

Works efficiently with our range of brushcutters and whipper snippers 



 Toro Mulching Wide Blade Mowers

Self propelled, this time saving lawnmower can provided a fast turn around on your lawn mowing area. Mulching your lawn also provides natural nutrients to go back in your soil while still providing a clean job.




John Deere Ride On Lawn Mower

  • Quiet, reliable and efficient
  • This can do the Big Jobs quick
  • Capable of Acerage, football fields, high grass area's

Charged out on an Hourly Rate.  


McCulloch Chainsaws

  • Handle small to medium jobs
  • Able to be used on roofs , ladders and ground level to clear unsightly overgrowth
  • we can clear the rubbish with our trailer
  • tree's up to 500mm in diameter
  • perfect for clearing and landscaping

obligation free quotes available  


Stihl Blowers

  •  To finish your property we use the Stihl range of Blowers to clear the driveway and pathways or Verandah's around your home.  1st Class provides this service at no charge.


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